In belated celebration

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So thrilled to see DADT repealed! Here’s a little celebration and a pertinent link:

Here is an organization called Military Partners and Families Coalition that supports LGBT service members, their partners and families.

Lysistrata in Action

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Now, can we get the spouses of corporate schemers to do the same for the sake of the people and environments they affect?

Ewww. Slimy. But very cool.

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This will most certainly be “hysterical”…

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I am a Whore! Oh, yes.

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I do love Veronica Monet. We needed her voice for the Slut Walk!

Sex keeps kids out of trouble and abstinence teaching does not work in preventing pregnancy–like we didn’t know this.

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Sorry, but man’s voice SOUNDS like George Bush’s, as well as his stuttering rhetoric.

Here’s what studies from the same great state of Texas are finding IS good for teenagers: SEX! Surprised smile

“Proponents of abstinence-until-marriage sex education may get a bit of an unwanted shock when they discover new research from psychologists at the University of Texas at Austin, which shows that romantic sexual relationships actually deter teens from acting out.  That’s right — sexually active teens, far from being disobedient delinquents, are more likely to be well-behaved.”

Let’s teach safe, consensual sex and self pleasuring in school, already – let’s get sex positive! Kids are biologically ready, it’s time to teach them to be sure if they are emotionally ready, and give them the tools to handle it. Pun intended.

Is Roe Vs. Wade safe from Right Wing lawmakers?

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